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New Energy Power Technical Exchange Meeting successfully held in Guangzhou.
Source:    Date: 03.02.2022    Viewed: times

 Recently, the Carbon Neutrality + Methanol Hydrogen Energy + New Energy Power Technical Exchange Meeting, guided by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, was successfully held in Guangzhou. The conference invited experts in the methanol field from all over the country, and organized more than 30 sessions from various perspectives including liquid sunlight methanol energy, green methanol and its application technology, methanol fuel and energy economy, methanol fuel application, hydrogen generation from methanol reforming, new energy power, and so on. The report shared the technical achievements of the domestic methanol industry chain over the past 40 years, and jointly looked forward to the future of the methanol economy on the exchange platform of multilateral cooperation.

Dr. Shen Jianyue, chairman of Palcan Energy, and Dr. Yu Jiao, deputy general manager of Palcan Energy, were invited to share the development prospects of the industry with experts such as Li Can, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Liu Ke, dean of the Clean Energy Research Institute of Southern University of Science and Technology.

Methanol is a clean energy in line with China's national conditions. Palcan Energy has been deeply engaged in the fields of hydrogen generation from methanol-reforming and high temperature fuel cells for many years, and has formed deep technical barriers. The company has widely promoted the technology of hydrogen generation from methanol-reforming in the diversified commercial application fields such as hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen internal combustion engines, skid-mounted hydrogen production and hydrogenation stations, industrial hydrogen, mobile power generation, backup power supply, etc., and makes hydrogen ready to use, resolves the key problems of hydrogen storage, transportation, filling and safe application, accelerates the promotion and application of hydrogen energy, which gives the company an explosive market growth potential.