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Palcan Participates in the Formulation of Standards to Help the Development of the Industry
Source:    Date: 03.24.2022    Viewed: times

 Recently, the Standards and Regulations Working Committee of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the Methanol Vehicle Professional Committee officially organized the launch of the "Methanol Vehicle Standard Project" project application, providing scientific evaluation tools for methanol reforming fuel cells and other related industries. Palcan has a solid technical foundation in methanol-reforming hydrogen production and high-temperature fuel cells as a leading enterprise in methanol-reforming hydrogen production. Palcan is fortunate to participate in the formulation of this industry standard.

Palcan will lead the drafting of 3 industry standards for methanol reforming fuel cells and participate in forming six industry standards for methanol online hydrogen production units. Unified standards play an increasingly important role in developing the methanol automobile industry. The relevant industry standards are all formulated for the first time in China. They represent the current advanced standards in China, conducive to promoting the rapid development of the local methanol-hydrogen fuel cell industry and accelerating diversified demonstration applications. 

The "Medium and Long-Term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035)" was released on March 23, which clarified the "diversified" application direction of hydrogen energy. Palcan is committed to promoting the diversified commercial applications of methanol-reforming hydrogen production technology in hydrogen fuel cells, internal combustion engines, skid-mounted hydrogen production and hydrogenation stations, industrial hydrogen, mobile power generation, and backup power supplies. Palcan realizes the instant production and use of hydrogen and solves critical issues such as hydrogen storage, transportation, filling, and safety, thereby accelerating the popularization of hydrogen energy. The market explosion potential of Palcan is enormous.