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Palcan Fuel Cell Co Ltd.(Palcan), a Vancouver based Canadian company, was formed in 1998.In our early years focused in R&D for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Storage technologies. Afterwards we changed the name to Palcan Energy Corporation.

In 2003 Palcan started to focus on a variety of fuel cell applications, but primarily small transport vehicles, backup and portable fuel cell applications.

Chinese rapid growth encoraged Palcan to develop the Asian Strategy to provide the huge demand of Green Technologies that China requires. In 2009 Palcan established a JV in Suzhou. Palcan Energy Corporation has register the company in Singapore, and establish during all these year strong and solid coperation in all over China and Taiwan.

Almost 20 years experience in Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, deep knowledge of the whole Industry, methodic and rigorous working attitud, focused in State of Art, simple words for a big Goal "Green Society". Palcan is closely working with Top Companies from North America and Europe to develop together the industry that will change the future of the Energy, .

Headquarters, R&D and Finaces based in Canada, but also we have built an International infractracture with production facilities in China and coperations with best Fuel Cell Institutes all over the Globe.

International Market is the Core of our Longterm Strategy. Palcan never stop working: " Green Power for a Green Earth".