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Fuel Processing Engineer

The Fuel Processing Engineer is a key member of an integrated product development team focused on developing and commercializing fuel cell technology. As part of a multidisciplinary team, this Engineer are responsible for the engineering design, testing, and integration activities related to developing hydrogen generation and purification systems.

Core responsibilities

●Development of reactor and ancillary component designs for hydrogen generation applications

●Design optimization for cost and efficiency

●Screening and evaluation of new technology with focus on catalytic materials

●Support product development from concept stage to product launch

●Support qualification of new fabricators to ensure high quality, low cost output

●Design of integrated fuel processor using multi-fuel catalytic reforming process

●Work with customers to quickly resolve technical issues and support high fleet availability


●Degree in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering

●B.S with more than 5 years experience or

●M.S with more than 3 years experience or


●Solid understanding of thermodynamics and movement of energy in complex integrated systems is required

●Strong background in chemical kinetics, reaction engineering, and reactor bed designs desired

●Experience working with typical engineering lab equipment

●Understanding of chemistry and gas chromatography

●Ability to perform flow and thermal analysis for reactor design and optimization

●Knowledge of DFx- Manufacturing, Assembly, Cost, etc

●Strong organizational skills

●Ability to manage multiple projects with tight deadlines


Please send your CV to if you are interested.