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Chemical Engineer


1、Participated in the development of reformers in methanol reforming fuel cell systems;

2、Participate in testing of key components such as reformers, catalytic burners, reactors, and optimize the control of reactor reaction conditions.


1、Master or PhD degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, new energy, new materials, etc.;

2、Research experiences in product development of fuel cells, lithium batteries, electrochemistry, new materials and other related fields;

3、Experience in catalytic reactions or electrochemical simulations or experiments;

4、Strong learning ability, innovative consciousness, strong hands-on ability, and certain problem solving ability.

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MEA R&D Scientist


•The candidate will be responsible for the fabrication of membrane electrode assembly (MEAs), experimental design and the subsequent interpretation and modeling of the electron chemical performance

•An acceptable candidate should have an understanding of electron chemical processes and diagnostics relevant to fuel cell devices, such as but not limited to: AC impedance diagnostics relevant to membrane and electrode proton transport. Surface area measurements such as hydrogen under potential deposition and electron chemical carbon monoxide stripping. Diffusion limiting current measurements relevant to gas transport both in the bulk electrode and near the electrocatalyst surface. Kinetic measurements of electrode performance relevant to the elucidation of oxygen reduction gas transport both in the bulk electrode

•Knowledge of and experience with electron chemical kinetic modeling is required


•B.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics, Mechanical, Chemical, Fuel Cell or related Engineering program

•Ability to interpret test data and compare against design objectives within the Stack Engineering team

•Working knowledge of mechanical design, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics and basic electrical analysis

•Familiarity with engineering tools such as design verification planning, tolerance stack-up, structured problem solving and DFMEA

•Comfortable with drawings and design standards, including GD&T

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Fuel Cell Stack Design and testing Scientist


• Responsible for developing fuel cell components, performing fuel cell operability trade and analysis of test data, developing simple electron chemical models, and defining verification and validation plans for new cost reduction initiatives.

• Related projects could focus on advanced catalyst research, electrode process development, and bipolar plate development

•These projects require expertise with various lab equipment including: SEM, EDAX, ICP, mechanical testers, DMA, TMA, DSC, FTIR, zeta potential, particle size analysis, TEM, and XRD.

• This position also involves building cells and testing them in lab scale test stands.

• Additionally responsible for performing various root cause investigations associated with any failures of components.


• 2-10 years of chemical, materials, or process engineering experience

• Knowledge of DFx- Manufacturing, Assembly, etc.

• Experience working with typical chemical engineering lab equipment

• Ability to work with diverse group of technical individuals with degrees ranging from B.S to PhD

• Ability to understand customer requirements and how to fulfill them

• Strong analysis and experimental skills to solve any issues with PEM fuel cell technology

• Strong oral and written communication skills, ability to interact with suppliers and manufacturing associates

• Adaptability to complete various tasks as business needs change

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