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Mechanical Design Engineer (Senior)


• Responsible for micro reactor structure design, related drawings, and related technical documents;

• Work with simulation engineer to complete calculation and optimization of the product

• Assist in supporting production departments, outsourcing factories and other related departments to successfully produce prototypes and finished products


• Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, tooling, mechanical and electrical integration, etc.

• Has a certain product design work experience

• Proficient in common office software, computer aided design software, especially Solid Works

• Good communication skills

• Have a certain Knowledge of mechanical process

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Cell Stack Engineer


• Responsible for developing fuel cell components, performing fuel cell operability trade and analysis of test data, developing simple electrochemical models, and defining verification and validation plans for new cost reduction initiatives.

• Related projects could focus on advanced catalyst research, electrode process development, and bipolar plate development

•These projects require expertise with various lab equipment including: SEM, EDAX, ICP, mechanical testers, DMA, TMA, DSC, FTIR, zeta potential, particle size analysis, TEM, and XRD.

• This position also involves building cells and testing them in lab scale test stands.

• Additionally responsible for performing various root cause investigations associated with any failures of components.


• 0-10 years of chemical, materials, or process engineering experience

• Knowledge of DFx- Manufacturing, Assembly, Cost, etc.

• Experience working with typical chemical engineering lab equipment

• Ability to work with diverse group of technical individuals with degrees ranging from B.S to PhD

• Ability to understand customer requirements and how to fulfill them

• Strong analysis and experimental skills to solve any issues with PAFC technology

• Strong oral and written communication skills, ability to interact with suppliers and manufacturing associates

• Adaptability to complete various tasks as business needs change

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• Conduct electrochemical diagnostic studies to identify sources of MEA and electrode performance loss

• Collaborate with multiple groups to perform failure analyses on tested electrodes

• Determine relative importance of different mechanisms of electrode degradation

• Prepare written reports of test results

• Contribute to discussions with team on membrane electrode assembly durability

• Work with researchers to translate algorithmic requirements to code

• Write proof-of-concept code to test algorithm under consideration

• Liaison with IT organization as needed to explain code


• MS or PhD with strong experimental skills and interests

• Basic understanding of electrochemistry and PEM fuel cell technology

• Parallel computing / HPC Linux knowledge

• Basic understanding of chemistry

• Some experience with electrical voltammetry and EIA

• Ability to formulate and execute project action plans with minimal direction

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Stack Assembler

We are seeking a STACK ASSEMBLER to become an integral part of our team!


•Primary responsibility for fabrication and assembly components for use in electrochemical systems, assisting in laboratory tests and various other activities.ᅠ

•Must be comfortable handling chemicals required for hardware fabrication processes.ᅠ

•Will be safely operating drill presses, punch presses, & other manufacturing equipment to assist in the assembly operation.

•Conduct quality inspections on products and parts and maintain proper documentation.

•Perform prescribed preventive maintenance on machines per P.M. charts or logs.


•Communicate with test engineers, manufacturing engineers and other associates to address any technical issues.


• Aptitude for "hands-on"chemical, electrial and mechanical work

• Prior handling of chemicals in a laboratory, R&D or manufacturing facility

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Catalyst Engineer

We look for people with industrial experience in refinery or petrochemical. In particular, the successful candidate is expected to:


• Lead projects to identify and develop innovative new or improved heterogeneous catalysts and related processes that support the company's business objectives.ᅠ

• Ensure that objectives and experimental plans are well-prepared and communicated for effective project execution with the highest attention to process and personnel safety.

• Participate in catalyst development at different stages and implement relevant research activities.


• BS in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, or a relevant field with extensive training and experience in catalysis. Graduate degree is a plus.

• An innovative and independent thinker. Demonstrated ability to quickly and creatively solve complex technical problems.

• Excellent communication skill and a good team player. Energetic and self-motivated. Willing to work with flexible schedule in a fast-paced environment.

Please send your CV to if you are interested
MEA Production Engineer

Palcan has an exciting opportunity for a regular, full time MEA(Membrane Electrode Assembly) Production Engineer in our Stack Engineering team. If you are a highly motivated individual who enjoys the challenge of a fast-paced environment and the satisfaction of taking an idea from concept into production, we want to hear from you.


•The candidate will be responsible for the fabrication of membrane electrode assembly (MEAs), experimental design and the subsequent interpretation and modeling of the electrochemical performance

•An acceptable candidate should have an understanding of electrochemical processes and diagnostics relevant to fuel cell devices, such as but not limited to: AC impedance diagnostics relevant to membrane and electrode proton transport. Surface area measurements such as hydrogen underpotential deposition and electrochemical carbon monoxide stripping. Diffusion limiting current measurements relevant to gas transport both in the bulk electrode and near the electrocatalyst surface. Kinetic measurements of electrode performance relevant to the elucidation of oxygen reduction gas transport both in the bulk electrode

•Knowledge of and experience with electrochemical kinetic modeling is required


•B.Sc. degree in Engineering Physics, Mechanical, Chemical, Fuel Cell or related Engineering program

•Ability to interpret test data and compare against design objectives within the Stack Engineering team

•Working knowledge of mechanical design, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics and basic electrical analysis

•Familiarity with engineering tools such as design verification planning, tolerance stack-up, structured problem solving and DFMEA

•Comfortable with drawings and design standards, including GD&T

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