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2018-Taking a step further: UNIDO signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Palcan

November 2018, United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO) Shanghai Global Science& Technology Innovation Center signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Palcan New Energy Technology Co. Ltd.. 

In order to implement the United Nations’ 2030 sustainable development goals, in November 2016, the Director -General of the UNIDO, Li Yong, and the Chinese delegate signed the project document “Strengthening the Global Innovation Network on Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development”, and decided to locate the headquarters of the Global Science& Technology Innovation Network of UNIDO in Shanghai, China, and establish UNIDO Global Science& Technology Innovation Center.

The UNIDO Global Science& Technology Innovation Center has signed cooperation agreements with the U.S.,Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Israel, Brazil and other countries to establish innovation centers in regarding to accelerate the introduction of international advanced technology. At the same time, the innovation center will provide China’s advanced enterprises and technological solutions to neighboring countries through multilateral cooperation mechanisms to promote common economic development.

Through the on-site understanding of Palcan’s reformed methanol hydrogen fuel cell technology, the UNIDO innovation center highly recognized and will use its comprehensive platform to popularize and demonstrate the reformed methanol hydrogen fuel cell project in China. After successful popularization, the project will be extended to developing countries, especially those regions and countries in urgent need of green energy, so as to improve their economic competitiveness, improve the environment, increase productive employment and promote inclusive sustainable industrial development and innovation promotion.


2018 - June : Production Base sets up in China

Palcan Energy Corporation, a company that manufactures methanol fuel cell system plans to set up a wholly-owned production base in Ningbo Province, China. It has taken the first step on June 8th, 2018, siging an agreement with Ninbo government at the ceremony of Ningbo International Investment Coorperation Conference. 

The new factory is scheduled to break ground in 2018 with commercial operation expected to begin in 2019.The base will supply 50,000 sets of fuel cell system a year and the first modules will be used in the field of new energy logistics vehicles.

The fuel cell system produced by Palcan has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection and economic efficiency. It not only meets the national energy strategy direction, but also meets the market development. It is the government's urgently needed pioneer in the field of fuel cells.



 2016 - March : " Working with DongFeng " 

Palcan Energy Corporation and DonFeng (Largest delvery goods vehicle manufacturer and 2nd largest car manufacturer in China), have joined efforts to fulfill the Chinese Government mandate to develop clean energy vehicles.

DongFeng Electric Delivery Goods Vehicle is using now Palcan technology "Methanol FC-EV, "The greatest combination in transportation industry". With 20 years experience in Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies, Palcan has a deep and wide knowledge and understanding of the EV Industry, which makes Palcan as a master in FC-EV industry to provide suitable solution in North America, Europe and China who collectively are playing a major role to create a greener world.

The FC-EV is combination preference of the Chinese automobile industry's to meet the EV challenges; mileage limitation, costly charging station infrastructure, long recharging time, short life cycle and heavy batteries. These challenges are minimized with Palcan's methanol FC-EV.

Advantages: Self recharges EV batteries directly, minimal refuelling time of 2-3 min (Methanol 60% + Water 40%), low charging helps extend battery life and also reduce of batteries, mileage is extended typically by twice the distance with a standard methanol tank, no need for battery charging stations or H2 Stations.



2015 - November : " Palcan and Skywell build 1st Methanol Fuel Cell-Electric Bus in China"

Palcan Energy Corporation and Skywell Electric Vehicle Company have been working together in depeloping of new concept of Vehicle in China " Methanol Fuel Cell-Electric Vehicle"

Palcan Energy Corporation is the first company to introduce Methanol Fuel Cell Electric powered Vehicle (FC-EV)
to China. China is leading the world to reduce fossil fuel use by mandating that no less than 30% of China's bus fleets
be all electric by 2020.

The EV market is growing and the market will grown even faster with FC-EV as FC-EV deliver advantages that
EV alone don't. The more EV the faster the "shift" from fossil fuels to a cleaner "hydrogen economy". Palcan's
methanol FC-EV is making possible this paradigm shift.


2015 - May : " Collaboration with HandTrend Company"

Palcan Energy Corporation and HangTrend Company are glad to announce the long term agreement to develop the Telecom Industry for Backup and Off-Grid applications.

HandTrend has open a New production facilities in Shijiazhuang to satisfy the huge demands of Backup for Telecom Base Stations. China has started to accept Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies, therefore, with this strategic alliance, Palcan continues its International expansion in this field.


2014 - October : " Zero Emission System intalled in JiuQuan University"

Palcan Energy Corporation has succefully intalled a Electrolyser, Metal Hydride Canister and Fuel Cell System. Our System is fully integrated with their current Solar Panels. With this project, Palcan becomes the first Company in China to complete a fully Renewable Hydrogen Power Solution.

Our efforts to promote Green Energy based in Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies gives a preferential position to Palcan to be part of Modern Society Energy Challenge.


2012 - March : "Collaboration with China Shoto"

Palcan is pleased to announce that its' subsidiary Suzhou Qingjie Power Co. Ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Huifeng Juneng Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Shoto Group.

China Shoto is the leading Chinese manufacturer of back up/standby battery systems for the Chinese telecom industry and a major supplier to China's; railways, electricity, aviation, shipping, broadcasting, and finance sectors. ᅠ

This agreement acknowledges the shift that the Telecom and other industries have begun to take by switching to today's fuel cell systems to provide enhanced security and reliability for their own systems that are increasingly susceptible to grid interruptions.ᅠ

This cooperation agreement enables Shoto to gain access to one of the leading Fuel Cell providers in China and for Palcan the agreement provides it access to Shoto's network, distribution, and nationwide support. ᅠ

Initially the parties will focus on marketing the advantages that "state of the art" Fuel Cell systems can provide industries when coupled with Shoto's nationwide support of these new systems.


2012 - May : "Backup System for China Mobile"

Palcan Energy Corp is pleased to announce that its 2KW hydrogen fuel cell backup power system has been successfully integrated with a China Mobile mobile base station in Suzhou, China.

China Mobile is the largest cell phone provider in the world with over 600M customers. China Mobile serves 70 % of the Chinese mobile market.

Palcan's has been cooperating with China Mobile for some time as China Mobile's engineers have been extensively testing Palcan's Backup System with their cell towers.

China Mobile plans to replace its existing battery based backup system to better secure their net work system with new back up given the demands of the many new services provided by their newer networks and smarter phones.

China Mobile's acceptance of Palcan's fuel cell Back Up System opens the door for Palcan to begin negotiations with China Mobile "to roll" out a program to exchange China Mobile's existing cell tower battery backup systems with Palcan's fuel cell Back Up Systems, which reach 10 KW.

Palcan also appreciates that its support from China Mobile will assist Palcan's marketing efforts it has begun with other Telecoms around the globe.


2010 - December : " Collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic of Singapore"

Palcan is please to announce its associationand collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic of Singapore .

In March 2007 Singapore made a commitment to develop its owncentre of excellence for the fuel cell industry by committing to develop a world class facility to further the development of fuel cells and their application through Singapore's school of Engineering at Temasek Polytechnic. Temasek now can boast to having one of the leading fuel cell development programs in the world.

Temasek is host to the SingaporeFuel Cell Community (FCC) which is initiated and supported by Singapore's Economic Development Board (EDB) .

The FCC is part of the government's plan for a fuel cell industry hub that will position Singapore as a place for innovations in fuel cell technology and applications.

Temasek will also assist Palcan to expand its market in Singapore which has embraced the use of hydrogen as part of its country wide green initiative.


2010 - October : "Collaboration with National Oxygen Pte LTD (NOX)"

Palcan is please to announce its association and collaboration with National Oxygen Pte LTD (NOX), a subsidiary of Taiyo Nippon Sanso, the largest gas supplier in Japan and a leading supplier of gas in SE Asia.

Palcan and NOX have signed a memorandum of understanding agreeing to appoint NOX as the exclusive agent of Palcan's proprietary hydrogen storage system and provider of hydrogen to Palcan's clients in Singapore. The collaboration ensures that Palcan's clients will have an assured supply of hydrogen as well as secure access to NOX's sales force that will present Palcan's products to their client base in Singapore, which is expected to expand to all of SE Asia.


2010 - July : "Backup System for China Telecom"

Vancouver: Palcan is pleased to announce that China Telecom has selected Palcan's back up power system (UPS), a Fuel Cell based system, to test at its newest cell tower in the Shanghai region.
The location for the test is on Chongming Island, China's the third largest Island located at the mouth of the Yangtze River close to Shanghai.

The testing of Palcan's UPS represents one of the ways China Telecom and all other China's Mobile providers are beginning to deploy greener ways to conduct their business and in this case by replacing battery and diesel UPS systems. The Fuel Cell application provides a number of advances over other UPS systems including; smaller footprint, lighter, no emissions, no noise, more reliable and lower costs over time. For this application Palcan integrates Canada's Ballard Power Systems fuel cell stack as few others match its reliability.

China Telecom's agreement with Palcan represents the state of a significant opportunity for Palcan to be a provider of cell tower power back up for which there will be many thousands of new cell towers over the next 5 years to serve China's 3G and 4G mobile mobile platforms.


2010 - June : " International EXPO in Shanghai"

Palcan is pleased to announce the successful public launch of its portable and residential backdropfuel cell devices. This announcement was made at the Canadian Pavilion at the Worlds Fair in Shanghai amongst a numberof guests representing firms in China that are planning to incorporate Palcan's fuel cells in their products, such as including the real estate construction industry and auto industry.

Palcan was pleased to have the senior Asian representativeof Ballard technology in attendance to lend support to Palcan. Palcan uses Ballard's fuel cell stack in its portable and residential systems.