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MRFC-Methanol Reformed Fuel Cell
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Product Introduction:

MRFC power generation system is an integrated intelligent power generation and energy control system. The methanol-water mixture (v = 6:4) is converted into hydrogen-rich gas in the reforming room, and reformed hydrogen gas enters the power stack (hydrogen is produced and used) directly. The system combines with a lithium battery to form an intelligent energy management system. It configures multi-platform current output interface, off-grid automatic switching, 4G remote communication module, and remote status monitoring functions to meet customers' energy demand to the maximum extent.

MRFC Advantages:

1.Power generation system using methanol-water as fuel. 

2.Safe, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free clean energy. 

3.Off-grid generation and automatic switching. 

4.Integrated design for easy installation and transportation. 

5.Intelligent energy management, suitable for a variety of power environments. 

6.With remote communication monitoring function, in maintenance management.