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300W Methanol Reformed Fuel Cell
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300W power output

Aircooled operation

Built-in lithium battery, no external power supply required

Amobile battery charger capable of supplying controlled off-grid power, typically for charging 24 V lithium battery packs.

Configurable LV/HV power output

Simple installation and autonomous operation


Operational characteristics
Fuel mix 60% vol methanol / 40% vol deionized water
Power supply [V] 24
Output efficiency [L/Kwh] 1
Power output [W] 300
Consumption of the system[W] 75
Energy conversion efficiency (%) 37(peak)
Ambient temperature [°C] -20 to 50
Noise (db) <60

Mechanical characteristics
Height - [mm] 285
Width [mm] 233
Depth [mm] 525
Weight [Kg] ~12