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Applications— Transportation —Truck
Source:Palcan Energy Corporation.    Date: 05.10.2019    Viewed: times

Fuel Cell Systems work as range extender provides a practical solution to the problem of most electric vehicles, “a lack of range” as well as eliminate GHG emissions.

Palcan’s Fuel Cell Systems is now being integrated into Delivery vehicles.

Palcan is the 1st company in China to obtain approval of its own designed methanol reformed fuel cell (MRFC), which will be integrated in fleet vehicles across China beginning in 2020.

Green Licenses

Dimensions(mm) L:6310 W:2200 H:2820
Container size(mm) L:3150 W:2150 H:1920
Rated output power of MFC(kW) 30 Rated output voltage of MFC(VDC) 526
Fuel(Volume ratio) 60%CH3OH / 40%H2O Total mass(kg) 7600
Maximum speed(km/h) 80 Rated contained mass(kg) 2605
Load mass utilization rate 0.58 Unladen mass(kg) 4800
Anti-locked Braking System(ABS) With front / rear overhang(mm) 1180/1530
Characteristic Zero emission, without pollution, without charging pile, low driving cost, fast and convenient filling!