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2012 March : Collaboration with China Shoto
Source:Palcan Energy Corporation.    Date: 04.18.2019    Viewed: times

Palcan is pleased to announce that its' subsidiary Suzhou Qingjie Power Co. Ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Huifeng Juneng Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Shoto Group.

China Shoto is the leading Chinese manufacturer of back up/standby battery systems for the Chinese telecom industry and a major supplier to China's; railways, electricity, aviation, shipping, broadcasting, and finance sectors.

This agreement acknowledges the shift that the Telecom and other industries have begun to take by switching to today's fuel cell systems to provide enhanced security and reliability for their own systems that are increasingly susceptible to grid interruptions.

This cooperation agreement enables Shoto to gain access to one of the leading Fuel Cell providers in China and for Palcan the agreement provides it access to Shoto's network, distribution, and nationwide support.

Initially the parties will focus on marketing the advantages that "state of the art" Fuel Cell systems can provide industries when coupled with Shoto's nationwide support of these new systems.